2018 Operations Track Sessions

Check out this year's Operations-focused conference sessions. See short descriptions below, then click for details of each included session.
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Implications, Law, Permitting and Mobilizing Public Support

The Practical Implications of Pipeline Permitting in the Aftermath of the DAPL: Successful Navigation of the Strategy of Delay Employed by the Opponents to the Energy Industry

For those that follow the events transpiring as to the Dakota Access Pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners ("ETP") pursued this project "playing it by the book", engaging the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe early in the project and repeatedly thereafter...

Winning the public conversation on pipelines to calm fears, mobilize public support, overcome organized opposition, and secure both local and FERC Permit approvals in a timely manner

The Trump administration and the recently nominated FERC commissioners may give a false sense that getting new and expansion pipeline project permits will be easier. That may be true at FERC, but quite the opposite for local and state permits...

To Pig or Not to Pig

The Multiple Functions of Automated Pigging Systems

In the past automated pigging systems have been synonymous with gravity feed spherical pig systems. Spherical type pigs serve a singular purpose for the removal of liquids on rich natural gas systems. However, their liquid removal...

Robotic ILI of an Unpiggable

A robotic crawler was successfully used to assess the integrity of a natural gas pipeline partially buried under an urban area for a major North American pipeline.

Minimize the Risk of Hydrotest Water Management in High to Moderate Population Areas Utilizing New Zero Waste Nanopolymers

New regulations for pressurized gas pipelines in High to Moderate population density areas will present almost impossible technical and economic challenges. Recent project planning identified hydrotesting water management as THE major risk factor.

Pipeline Pigging for Flow Assurance Issues in an Onshore Gathering System

Pigging is an important operational procedure performed on multiphase pipelines to maintain flow efficiency in oil and gas pipelines when liquids are present.