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As an exhibitor, you immediately have access to additional resources to develop your company's pre, onsite and post-event message.


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View Live Floor Plan

The 2018 Floor Plan Is Filling Fast.

Whether you're planning on exhibiting or just walking the hall, this is the perfect way to see who is already there.

exhibitor Manual

Exhibitor Manual Now Available!

Logistics. Order Forms. And More Logistics.  

Here is your one-stop for exhibitor information. Whether you're looking for order forms, booth guidelines, contractor services or just want a trash can, you'll find it all here.

Reg Form

Booth Staff Reg Form

Got your booth?

If you don't want to utilize online registration to get your team registered, then do so with this form.

Exhibitor Reg

Online Exhibitor Registration

Don't forget to register your booth staff.

Registration now! Check here to register all staff and for step-by-step instructions.


Sponsor and Standout

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What are your marketing goals? Driving traffic, branding, lead generation... Let our experienced staff help you! They'll build a customized option based on your company's goals.

Exhibitor Listing

Manage Your Exhibitor Listing

Highlight Your Company All Year Long.

Here is your first chance to say who you are, what you do and why your booth can't be missed. Listings also present in mobile app / show guide. CLICK HERE to manage your listing.

Booth Regulations

Booth Regulations

Exhibit Space & Booth Layout Guidelines.

All the rules and examples are available right here!

Booth Insurance

Booth Insurance

Liability insurance requirements. 

All exhibitors are required to show proof of insurance coverages.

Free Pass

Invite Your Clients

Free Exhibit Hall Pass!

Download the Official Ticket and send this to your clients so they can come see YOU on the exhibit floor for FREE!

Marketing Tools

Free Marketing Tools

Helping You Increase Booth Traffic.

Download the banner ads, the hall pass and more, and find out how to use them to support your company's pre-event push!

Warnings To Exhibitors

BEWARE of the Fair Guide

PennWell Corporation and Pipeline + Energy Expo do NOT support the Fair Guide-- It is NOT affiliated with PennWell Corporation or Pipeline + Energy Expo. Please be aware that you may receive solicitations for the Fair Guide from Construct Data, its publisher, which use the name Pipeline + Energy Expo - do not be fooled. Construct Data currently operates out of Slovakia (it has previously operated out of Austria and Germany.)

BEWARE of the Expo-Guide

PennWell Corporation and Pipeline + Energy Expo also do NOT support the Expo-Guide-- It is NOT affiliated with PennWell Corporation or Pipeline + Energy Expo. Please be aware that you may receive solicitations for the Expo-Guide from Commercial Online Manuals, its publisher, which use the name Pipeline + Energy Expo - again, do not be fooled. The Expo-Guide currently operates out of Mexico.

Preferred Convention Services (PCS) is the only hotel company affiliated with our event. While other hotel resellers may contact you offering rooms, they are not endorsed by or affiliated with our event. Entering into financial agreements with such companies can have costly consequences, so please help report unauthorized solicitations to SHOW MANAGEMENT.